Dear mama, the trying mama

Dear mama, the trying mama…

The one who one day hopes to be called “mama”

The next few days may be the hardest for you, right there with Christmas and every other holiday when pregnancy announcements pop up everywhere.

We are trying to pass by your post without tears, we really are.

It’s not that we aren’t happy for you, trust me … WE ARE HAPPY FOR YOU!

We are just wishing for that same happiness.

We have been trying .. and it is trying.

Trying on our bodies as we load them with hormones in pill form, patches and needles.

Trying on our jobs as we cannot find the energy to focus because all we think about is, “where do we go from here?!”

Trying on our marriage as our nightly bedtime routine becomes forced.

Trying on it all, but we still put it all aside to become something we have dreamed about since we were little.

Since our mom’s taught us about unconditional love.

Since we saw the look on our dad’s face, as he smiled with such love back at her…

This full circle love is craved … and it will happen for some of us.

Some of us.

We will all celebrate Mother’s Day in one way or another.

So to trying mamas, know you aren’t alone. You are not the only ones who avoids the card isle this week. Not the only ones scrolling extra fast through Instagram or praying a little harder – hoping next year will be your first Mother’s Day.


To the trying mama, you aren’t alone.

Love, the other trying mama.

2 thoughts on “Dear mama, the trying mama”

  1. My heart hurts for you both. I can not imagine your pain. My sister and her husband went through this same journey before they adopted 2 beautiful babies. Every night I prayed from them and also prayed for me to win the lottery so I could buy them a baby. Now I pray for you. May God bless you. Love to both.


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