Honest Bee Co.

Why it’s “we”

From 1990 to 1993 it was just me.

I was my parent’s pride and joy; they recorded funny baby things daily – talking to me after my naps, sitting in the bubble bath, swinging & bouncing in my baby bouncer.

I feel like I am not the only 90’s baby that this happened to!

On February 15th 1993, my parents welcomed Brock into the world and it was no longer just me. I am sure the transition wasn’t the easiest for me .. but my mom and dad sure made me feel special! I received several gifts that day, which continued throughout the years. Every year on my brother’s birthday I would get a gift, just something small so I didn’t feel left out. It was the same for him on my birthday … this is something I am sure didn’t happen to every 90’s baby.

I feel as though this isn’t all about me being the golden child, who could do no wrong and was a little spoiled. My parents were just showing me that I was never forgotten, always special and never alone.

The presents stopped after Brock turned 15 or so .. but those two showing me I was just as important and loved just as much as the day they brought me home has never stopped.

Every sport I attempted to play, hobby I was interested in and passion that started, they were right there encouraging me.

My husband has done the same.

I went to him a few months ago saying I was going to start an online store. I want to eliminate our plastic usage and create something wonderful from items people toss out too soon.

Other than the weird look he gave me at first (knowing there was a big project coming shortly after.) He said,

“Ok babe.. what is your plan?”

“Where is your space going to be?”

“Let’s write it all down.”

We sat and talked about where this could go, the correct steps to take … all the good stuff.

I wanted to jump right in and “wing” it all, write a few things down here and there. The normal “Betsy” way of doing things.

Luckily, I have Aaron beside me to help me do it the correct way.

I now have Honest Bee Co.

Named after the products being true and honest – natural as possible, always.

And Bee for Betsy, of course!!

The process has been so great and Honest Bee Co. will be located in a few stores and online.

I have noticed though, that I say “we” a lot when others ask how the soap is made or combinations come about.

“We really think things through …”

“We make sure all the ingredients are measured out…”

“We love making others happy through these products…”

Let me tell you – being the person I am, no one else measures out these products with me. No one else is my office touching or pouring the soaps and I am so particular about how my table is set up at crafts shows; no one touches that either.

So yes, it’s just me doing this.

But my dad was the first person I called to paint my office and build a work table with.

My mom goes to farmer’s markets with me and shares every event I am at.

My husband stacks my jeep full while I am getting ready and gives the best kisses of good luck.

And you all know that I have prayed about this for so long, God – he’s always there.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 5.50.56 PM.png

This is more than just me, it’s us … it’s we. We are making this dream of mine come true.

That is what my parents were instilling in me when I was younger… let others make you feel full. Let them help you and build you up.

You are never alone in this.

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