A true gift, from a Grinder

Yesterday was my sweet husband’s mother’s birthday.

Yes, my mother-in-law. That phrase, role, title whichever you prefer has rung negatively for so many for so long. For me, it is what I longed for the second I met Aaron.

There is no way a man like that came from anyone less than incredible.

And I was so right.

Karen Grinder was a kind soul, a caring person and a magnificent woman.

To deal with those Grinder boys, you have to be something special – trust me.

She married a man that I look up to greatly- a patient guy with a laugh that is contagious.

Those two raised the best guy I know.

I know Aaron looked up to his mother. What little boy doesn’t?!

She must have taught him that making his bed was proper, never to go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink and to always be on time. A true gentleman most days, but what is more than that is that she taught him to love whole heartedly. Love like there’s no tomorrow – because for some, there isn’t.

Karen lost her battle with cancer on June 12, 2011, at the age of 52.

I met her twice before that day came.


Yesterday when we went with flowers for her birthday, I remembered ..

I remembered second I looked at her, she knew it was ok.

She knew I loved her son, almost as much as she did.

She knew I would make sure he was ok and that I would honor her in our life together.

She was there the day we got engaged, married, moved into our home.. she’s with us all the time.

Her small gifts sent from Heaven do not go un-noticed.

Not a day goes by that I do not think of her and what she did for me.

She gave me Aaron- a true gift.

I am forever thankful for you, Karen.

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