My dad has always told me “It’s all about leverage.”

The summer I worked for my dad was one I will always remember. Wearing boots and carrying a hammer around. Mostly sweeping up saw dust and filling nail holes. He would pick me up before 7 a.m. with a smile on his face, no matter what. Most days I was late getting in the truck and that was ok with him.

I would get frustrated so easily – pulling nails, picking up 2×4’s .. other construction worker duties. And then there he would be, my dad, “It’s all about leverage honey, pull the nail out with the claw like this. If you put this under the 2×4, it will be a lot easier to pick up.”

Always in the calmest voice. His sweet soul has taught me so much over the years – how to tie my shoes, hook a worm, boil spaghetti noodles, but mostly about leverage.

How to look at the situation, feel it out and solve it the best way we know how.

With this, I am truly trying to live by. I am taking this situation handed to Aaron and me and trying to solve it the best way I know how.

Leverage. Pulling the nail out just right. Leverage. Leaving my doctors appointments with my head held high.

Leverage. Using a block to even out the weight of a piece of wood. Leverage. Using God to guide me, and weigh out this situation on my heart.

Leverage. Being patient with me because my dad knew that this time with me was priceless. Leverage. Being patient with this process and knowing that one day my husband will be the dad he has always wanted to be. And have these moments for himself.

Father’s Day may be hard for some. Those who have lost their dad, never had a dad to look up to but also those who strive to be a dad.

Not once has Aaron made this about him. He is so selfless and patient. He is so supportive in the idea of adding to our family – one way or another. There will come a day when he gets to show a sweet little girl the bunny ear trick with shoe laces. He will get to show a little boy with muddy hands how to hook his own worm. Those days are coming our way, along with sleepless nights that lead into long days. Be ready to love big, AG.

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