Just leading each other home

Someone told me not too long ago, “We are all here just leading each other home.”

This statement has stayed with me, it has repeated itself over and over again.

All of those around us are there for a reason; they are our life lessons. They teach us patience, love, and to be kind. They are here for us to experience pain, hurt and jealousy. They were put here to help us while we are here. My husband was made for me.

We met at a time of our lives when we were not looking. I was not looking for a cute boy in a hat to ask me out to dinner. I’m sure he wasn’t looking for a girl to come into his apartment (a total bachelor pad) and leave her toothbrush only after a few weeks. But I did, he did. And now we are us. He is beside me for a reason.

Soon after Aaron and I made “our” lives official, he needed me. His mom passed and I was there for him when he experienced the pain and the hurt. He was there to teach me how to give off the strength he needed. We were there to lead each other.

Whether we realize it or not, each day we lead each other. Somedays not as much as others; somedays all I feel is people pulling me and leading me in the direction of where I am needed in life. I am needed to learn the Lord and his gift of life. We are put right where need to be at the right time. God has a plan.

God has had this plan for Aaron and I, we may not agree with it sometimes. But he’s got it. God has got it.

Read that again. Again and again. God has got it.

This is something that is new for me, trusting that there is a plan for me. That Aaron and I are leading each other to a more powerful place, home. This home is going to be full of everything great we have ever dreamed of; sweet babies laughing, sunshine for days and no more hurt. In the mean time I will just enjoy the time I do have here. I will enjoy the good times, laughing with loved ones and making memories while realizing they are here leading me home.


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