But we both know someone else

You saw me, you saw me the day I needed a boost in faith. I didn’t even know you.. but we both know someone else.

Monday afternoon was just a regular day in my small town. I was working lunch when one of my girlfriends from school asked me how I was, how things are going and when are we going to have a baby? I answered with the truth: “We are still struggling. We are unsure about our next step.”  She replied back, ” What about adoption? Foster care? You two would be great for that.”

She is right, we would be great for that. We have a large yard, room at our dinner table and big hearts. We would love to welcome children into our homes and give them love they have never felt before. We would love to go to flag football games and cheer leading practice. We would love to show that little heart what love is, explain the love of God to them; we would love all of that. But to give up on everything thus far? Maybe it is a path for us to look down.. explore what foster care has to offer.

The look on my face must have said it all. I smiled at my high school friend and walked away with small tears in my eyes.  I know these hard conversations are going to happen, but sometimes they hit harder than others. Sometimes my brain spins faster than my heart beats.

A couple across the bar must have heard and seen it all. They waited until they cashed out (paying for a strangers lunch.) And looked at me with soft eyes and said, “We will pray for you.”

What? You will pray for me? You don’t even know me. You don’t know my name, my husbands name.. you know nothing about me. But you are going to take time out of your day to pray for me?

“Thank you,” I replied. “Thank you so much.”

“You are so brave.” The woman said. “I can see that you are having a hard time. We think it is great what you are doing.”

They saw me.

They left with that, I wanted to hug them. (For those of you who know me, I don’t do hugs.)  I felt so full when they left.. full with love and hope. Full of tears and a smile that no one could turn. God sent that couple to me that day.

They had no idea if I was close with the Lord, or knew him at all. But they knew that they were going to take a few seconds out of their day to say a prayer for me.

You saw me, you saw me the day I needed a boost in faith. I didn’t even know you.. but we both know someone else.


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