Given to the Grinders is about all the wins and loses you find in life and how they all teach you something wonderful.

Hi, I’m Betsy. I dream big and aim for the stars and if I miss I will land somewhere among them. I spend most of my time with my all of my fur babies including Bern, my pot belly pig, and my husband over at our almost farm in town.

Plum Jam

A pectin free easy recipe! Great for a fall gift or even saved for a sweet treat in the winter. The importance of this recipe is patience and the fact that it is pectin free. (Pectin – chemically, pectin consists of partial methyl esters of polygalacturonic acids and their salts – sodium, potassium, calcium and ammonia)… Continue reading Plum Jam

Why it’s “we”

From 1990 to 1993 it was just me. I was my parent’s pride and joy; they recorded funny baby things daily – talking to me after my naps, sitting in the bubble bath, swinging & bouncing in my baby bouncer. I feel like I am not the only 90’s baby that this happened to! On… Continue reading Why it’s “we”